Exemplo de uma estratégia de comunicação com base em social media de uma instituição de renome internacional:


 Tate Social Media Communication Strategy 2011-12



In recent years the web has undergone a significant transformation, characterised by the emergence of self-publishing platforms (e.g. Blogger, Flickr, YouTube), social networking (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) and other technologies broadly grouped under the term web 2.0 (e.g. RSS, content syndication, Wikipedia). These new web platforms and technologies have led to greater user interaction with the web, with audiences now expecting content to be presented in a variety of digital and social media. The social web in particular offers significant opportunities for cultural institutions to open themselves up to diverse audiences by initiating conversations about art in order to increase engagement and understanding of it around the world.

Acting upon its mission statement, Tate has responded to web users’ demands for accessibility and person-to-person online contact by taking content to its audiences, where they are already congregating, and by providing spaces for people to discuss, debate and engage with art.

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